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Preparing Adobe InDesign Files

Create a New Document. Specify the width and height of your artwork. This should be the trim size of your final document.
Uncheck Facing Pages: Master Print prefers a single page workflow. Add .125 for bleed guides.

Please keep bleeds in mind when you are designing your artwork. If your artwork has a white border, then bleeds are not required. However, if your artwork is NOT white on all four sides, then you MUST include bleeds in your files. In InDesign, this area has to be extended past the trim size or page borders, and needs to be at least .125 or 1/8 of an inch.
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Click on the right arrow in the Swatches pallete, choose Select All Unused, and grab selected colors and put them in the Trash. Clean up the color swatch pallete by eleminating the colors that aren‘t being used.

To avoid known issues with InDesign‘s transperency, it would be a good idea to have a design strategy with layers. In general, all body text should be placed on the topmost layer of the page‘s stacking order. Creating a separate layer for the graphics. If you intend CMYK output, don’t use spot colors or RGB in your InDesign document.
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Have InDesign check your fi les for common printing errors and help you solve them. To use this feature, simply choose “Prefl ight” from the fi le menu.

Collects all your fonts and graphic files. Please resolve any issues detected by the preflight process and choose the Package button. On this screen, please make sure the checkmarks indicated in the picture are checked and click Package
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For high quality CMYK printing. Under File - select Export and choose PDFX/1a:2001 or Press Quality. You must Select - Marks: Crop Marks Bleed: .125 Click Save Preset to have for future use.
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