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Preparing Adobe Illustrator Files

Create a New Document. Set your document size to your trim size. Choose CMYK as the color mode. If the art work is going to print to the edge of the trimmed size, you must extend the artwork to include an extra 1/8, so it will bleed past the fi nal trim size.
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If spot colors are being used, check that the exact same Pantone color name is the same in all programs. When there is a different ending after the Pantone color, it will come out on a separate plate. For example, Pantone 272 CVC and Pantone 272 CVU are considered two different colors in the electronic file even though it is the same blue.

Click on the right arrow in the Swatches pallete, choose Select All Unused, and grab selected colors and put them in the Trash. Clean up the color swatch pallete by eleminating the colors that aren‘t being used. This also helps in using the same colors used consistenly throughout the other programs. This feature is also available in Indesign and should be used there as well.
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Master Print uses four color process, which uses the ink builds of Cyan, Magenta, Cyan and Black.If the project is to be in four color process (CMYK), be sure to convert all the spot colors to process. Double click on your spot color in the Swatches pallete, at Color Type, Select - Process.

SELECT ALL FIRST! Select ALL of the objects in your document by choosing Select All from the Select Menu. With all objects selected, choose Create Outlines from the Type menu. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THIS AS A DIFFERENT FILE TO ENSURE YOU CAN STILL EDIT YOUR TEXT. ONCE OUTLINED, TEXT CANNOT BE EDITED.
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from the file menu, choose SAVE AS, Then select Illustrator EPS as your format.
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