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Checklist for File Preparation

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Have you supplied all the necessary files?
Use of a Preflight program, or a specific file collection feature such as: Collect for Output (Quark), Provide for Service Provider (PageMaker), or Package (InDesign) is recommended.

Have you supplied the necessary fonts for your job?
Please be certain to provide both printer and screen fonts. Do not use the type style menu, or control bar to stylize your type, select the actual stylized font from the font menu.

Have you converted all your images from RGB to CMYK?
Photos should be saved as CMYK, GRAYSCALE, MONOTONE or DUOTONE. Line art should be saved as BITMAP. JPEGs can be used as long as they are maximum quality, sized at 100% and CMYK.

Have you specified the files spot colors?
Color is clearly indicated and used consistently and accurately throughout file. Files must be set-up with appropriate colors in order to separate correctly.

Have you scanned or saved your images at the correct resolution?
Save graphics as .EPS, or .TIFF at 300 DPI. Bitmapped logos and graphics at 1200 DPI.

Are your document bleeds set up correctly?
Make sure all bleeds extend 1/8” beyond the trim size on all edges.

Is the document size correct?
Make sure that the document size is the same as the trim size.

If you are mailing us a disk or art, have you labeled everything?
Write your name, address and phone number on all diskettes, art or proofs that are sent to us. It is also helpful to provide us with a checklist of everything you are sending.

Have you sent us a mock-up of your document?
It is helpful to have a mock-up as a guide for printing. A PDF E-mailed or a laser proof faxed to Master Print can serve as such a guide.

Publisher, Word, PowerPoint or other non-commercial printer friendly software?
Could require additional prepress charges due to RGB to CMYK conversion and font issues. Please convert to high resolution PDF. (Call for details)

Did you supply a high resolution PDF?
The Job option for Press was chosen. Embedded fonts. File is CMYK or spot color and has crop marks and bleed.

All jobs submitted for electronic output should be accompanied by a faxed laser proof or E-mailed PDF generated by the files submitted, and should be clearly marked for size and color.

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