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Tips For Making Print Quality PDFs

  • You’ll need Adobe Acrobat and Distiller.
  • You’ll need to use the latest printer driver to create your postscript file. Go to this address for the latest version. (
  • Files need to be colored correctly using the proper spot color or 4 color build.
  • Photos need to be CMYK not RGB.
  • Scans must be high-resolution, (at least 300dpi, 1200dpi for bitmaps).
  • Fonts need to be embedded.
  • Page layout files need to be setup to correct trim size.
  • Files must include at least 1/8” of bleed where required.
  • Paper size needs to be 1” larger than the files page size (ex. If the documents page size is 8.5 x 11, the paper size must be 9.5 x 12). This allows for crop and registration marks.
  • Files need to be saved as a color composite, not a color separated postscript file.
  • Do not use any automatic methods for generating PDFs (ex. “PDF Writer” or the “export PDF” option found in some software packages). The best creation method for making a PDF, is to first write the postscript file from the page layout software, and then use Acrobat Distiller to create the PDF.
  • After the postscript files have been generated the PDF files must be distilled using the proper Job Option settings.

To ensure timely production, it is strongly suggested to submit test PDF files representing one or more of the most complicated pages of the project prior to the submission of the final project. Contact your Customer Service Representative for more information.

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